Big Game

Argentina is well known among big game hunters worldwide for the outstanding variety of game there. Most famous for it's great European Stag and Boar, but also outstanding Fallow and Axis Deer, Blackbucks, Himalayan Thars, Mouflon Sheep, Wild Goats, Wild Rams, and Multi-horned Sheep. Just like in Texas, exotics were introduced to add variety to the game list. Today many introduced exotics are well established in Argentina and are free ranging. 

Nestled between
two valleys and
crossed by clear
water streams,
"Cerro Las Tunas Lodge" is a fertile, dark soil land perfect for growing wheat, oat, corn and sunflower in the humid Argentine Pampa region.
Hunters from around the world arrive at our Estancia attracted by the superior quality of our Red Stag, Fallow and Axis Deer, Blackbucks, Himalayan Thars, Mouflon Sheep, pure-breed European Wild Boars, Wild Goats, Wild Rams, Multi-horned Sheep in the distinct mountain range geography that makes each hunting experience exceptional and thrilling.
Estancia "El Aguara" is a 36,000 acre agricultural and stockbreeding farm that combines flat areas, forests, low hills, and an incredible challenging landscape that any hunter would love to face. This farm is a natural habitat for Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Blackbucks, Wild Boars, Water Buffalo, Mouflon, Dorset & Four Horned Sheep, Scottish Black Face, and Wild Goat among others. The hunting operation is Free Range
 Patagonia Lodge is an 18.000 acres farm in the Argentinean Patagonia, a 3 hour vehicle drive separates our Ranch from San Martin de los Andes Airport.

Patagonia Lodge is located in Neuquén Province, a place well known among Red Deer Trophy hunters. It is one of the most remarkable hunting regions in Argentina with excellent big game options. This is the perfect habitat for Red Stag, which are found free roaming in abundance.

From our lodge, you will also have the opportunity to have the best fly fishing experience as two big and famous rivers go through this property: Kilka and Alumine Rivers. 
At 300 km from Ezeiza International Airport is "San Juan Lodge, located in a stunning rural setting in the heart of the Duck region of Buenos Aires Province, the Estancia has a great location and a warm and welcoming style, close to Bolivar City but in a stunning rural setting.

Lodge has 6 suite bedrooms to accommodate a max of 12 guests endowed with a spacious lounge and a cozy living room with a fire pipe creates a comfortable, relaxing environment. 
The chef creates an array of delicious traditional specialties and international dishes with the best Argentine beef and quality ingredients along with our typical asados.