"We enjoyed our trip and the great hospitality by EEFF.  Our guide, Marcos Hlace, was excellent.  His knowledge, patience and easy-going personality was a great fit.  Using his photography skills, we have made excellent photos that will capture the experience for a lifetime.


CeCi, Marcelo and the whole staff were very courteous and full of local information.  The Beale family made us feel very much at home.  The asada was a nice friendly experience.  We would love to do more fishing and hunting in Argentina."



Jeffrey P.

Traveled to El Encuentro Fly Fishing in Patagonia, Argentina Dec 2019

"Thanks for taking care of all the details for so many memorable trips over the years. Even though our hunting partners have gone on before us, we know you'll be around to take care of the details!"

Bert W. & Carole B.


"Hunting was great. Castle was beyond compare. Nobody dropped the ball the entire time and that's unheard of."

Tony B.

Traveled to Ireland November 2019

“Hi Jeri and all you guys at Detail Co., 

Just want you to know we had as Alex was saying an “Orgasmic” time at Veracruz Lodge.  We got to meet Tomas and he shot with us the last morning.  As you can see by the pics we shot a few ducks.  The dove hunting was good and Karen and Joe were able to get some perdiz shooting in.  A great mixed bag for the first time hunters to Argentina.  Thanks for everything!”

Bo J.

Traveled to Veracruz Lodge in San Javier, Argentina


"We had a blast.  What a great trip.  Thanks for everything."


John R.

Traveled to Sierra Brava in La Rioja Province, Argentina


"Jeri, just wanted you to know how much all 7 of us appreciated your  hard work putting that fabulous white wing hunt together in August 2019 in Mexico.


Way too much fun, better then old times, doves everywhere, and all the first class treatment you could ever want.


Sitting on the beautiful Soto Marina river drinking ritas or swimming in the pool or eating the great Mexican cuisine was all you said it would be.


Cavi Del Rio was the perfect host, what a gentleman and the Detail Co once again connected us with the perfect place."


Ron M.

Traveled to Marina Del Rio in Mexico

“Thank you just isn’t enough for the great job and EXTRA effort you put into our trip to “The Pigeon Palace” in Bolivia.  The shooting was good and the birds very challenging.  Mozo has a very beautiful lodge, the rooms are very spacious, with ample space for your gear.  It was nice meeting Bill and Geo at the hotel.  My group and I all agree that we would hunt this lodge again, and plan to do so.”

Frank B.

Traveled to The Pigeon Palace in the Santa Cruz Province of Bolivia



“Ray and I had a wonderful time at Mataco Lodge in Cordoba, Argentina.  The lodge was very comfortable, large and plenty of room.  Well-staffed, plenty of good food and open bar and cable TV.  Our rooms had two (2) beds and private bath with plenty of hot water…very comfortable.  I would rate this lodge as 4 stars.  The rates were $800/day (subject to change) and included R/T from Cordoba airport, meals, laundry and plenty of shooting.  One will find all the pigeons he or she wish to shoot, about half will decoy and the other half will be passing shots.  This will also depend on the feed lot or field you shoot.  No area is shot twice on any trip, as you know this ensures good quality birds.  A few times flocks of pigeons were SO large, you were better off to let the flock pass and shoot smaller groups.  I love shooting the 28ga. But would only recommend the 12ga. Or 20ga. For these healthy birds.  We had no problem with ammo, Casa, Orbea and Recorrido de Casa.  All game loads in #5 and #7.  These birds can really take a hit and still fly off.  The pigeons in this area are a mix of “Spot Wing” and “Picazoro”.  The Picazoro being the larger.  Rental guns are available but prefer to take my own.  Semi-autos are still problematic, suggest hunters check with Argentine consulate, O/U shotguns were no problem to get into country.”

Frank B.

Traveled to Mataco Lodge in Cordoba, Argentina


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